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HAT3564: Haitian Culture and Society, Spring 2018, University of Florida

Instructor: Dr. Crystal Felima, Website

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Gabriella Khawly Major: Biology | Minor(s): Spanish, Health Disparities in Society | Academic Interests: Biochemical pathways that contribute to stress response for drug development | Career Goals: Attain an M.D. and work in the Public Health sector to tackle health disparities among marginalized populations | Reason I took the course: To gain a better understanding of Haiti’s history and how it contributes to its culture and positionality | Overall Learning Outcomes: To express cultural competency in daily interactions and debunk negative perceptions about Haiti with knowledge of its history.

21949828_10208964945434774_2412903910902753621_oJohanna Sacks Major: Anthropology | Minor: Spanish | Academic Interests: Cultural anthropology, prison studies | Career GoalsAttain a graduate degree in cultural anthropology to facilitate research in the prison-industrial complex, highlighting criminal justice reform Reason I took the course:  To experience the digital humanities with an anthropological focus | Overall Learning OutcomesAbility to present information about Haiti factually, devoid of exceptionalism or ethnocentric bias.


Pia  Molina |Major: Anthropology |Minor: Latin American Studies Academic Interests: K-12 Educational practices for Latinx students; Incorporation of immigrant students through education in Chile | Career Goals: Working with the school systems and government entities in Chile to create better efforts and programs that address the growing immigrant populations | Reason I took the course: To intentionally include Haiti in the field of Latin American Studies with the hope of incorporating it into my research interest | Overall Learning Outcomes: To comprehend Haiti’s history and culture through knowledge produced by and for the people of Haiti. 

13333000_550476611825844_7402440544404571660_nNatasha Joseph|Major: Biological Engineering| Minor(s): Biomechanics, African American Studies | Academic Interests: Environmental Sustainability in Northern Rural Haiti with post-colonial and feminist analyses. | Career Goals: Develop a Non profit that works with local organizations in Haiti to address deforestation, soil erosion, and the accessibility of alternative fuel methods. | Reason I took the course: To expand my knowledge of Haitian history, culture, and the society as a whole. | Overall Learning Outcomes: To become immersed intellectually in the Haitian way of life before beginning field work for my upcoming graduate program.